Navigating a Layoff? 10 Tips of the Trade from Josh McAfee

I’ve been asked a few times to share some thoughts on navigating a layoff and Hailey finally forced me to make the time for this. Here are some thoughts that have been impactful to people in this situation.  Keep your cool. Don’t burn any bridges. It sucks, but don’t make it suck more.  Don’t be […]

Who is Anik Khan?

Anik Khan is the Co-Founder and CEO of MaxRewards, a company aimed at helping credit card holders maximize their rewards. He has a background as a Business Strategy Consultant in the Life Sciences sector at Accenture. He earned his BSBA in Finance from Georgia Tech in 2013. 

Bridgette Boucha –The Soulful Financial Maestro

Bridgette Boucha: A leader who exemplifies the harmony of professional acumen with a zest for life, showing that balancing finance and fun isn’t just possible – it’s essential for a fulfilling career and life. From Corporate to Creative Entrepreneurship Bridgette Boucha’s professional journey is a narrative of transformation and clarity. Her 20-year tenure in the […]

What is Career Success with Jean Harvey Johnson

Leading up to the Humans Doing Powering Up: Supporting Women in Corporate Success Event, on August 31st, 2023, Hailey Hunt interviewed keynote speaker Jean Harvey Johnston to learn more about her career journey.