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Whether you’re looking for highly qualified candidates or you are that great candidate, Humans Doing is dedicated to helping you make the best hiring and career decisions. 

How can we help you today?

We help people make great hiring and career decisions.

Whether you’re hiring in the tech space or looking for your dream job, our expert team knows how to find exactly the right fit for your long term growth.

Business leaders have enough to focus on without the added hassles of

  • combing through unqualified resumes
  • spending weeks identifying and attracting top talent
  • working with recruiters that won’t make the time to understand your company’s unique needs, but charge you an arm and a leg anyway


That’s why our clients love our unique Recruiting as a Service™ model. It empowers them to leverage ongoing recruiting support that is more strategic and affordable than traditional models.

We take the time to understand the abilities and interests of each candidate to match them up with opportunities that will

  • maximize their skills and potential
  • appreciate and value their contributions
  • empower them and their teams to win

Let the team at Humans Doing save you time, money, and headache with our proven recruiting process.

Finding keepers is harder than ever.

This is especially true in the rapidly changing world of tech recruiting. The good news is, our emphasis on human relationship has a documented track record of helping businesses realize remarkable success through all phases of the recruiting and hiring process while reducing cost, time spent, and other hassles associated with more common recruitment models.

No matter what kind of placement you’re looking for, Humans Doing helps you discover and attract the keepers.

How We Help

Talent Seekers

Nearly 75 percent of employers admit to having hired the wrong person before. This translates to wasted time and an average loss of $30,000 – $45,000 per employee. The higher level the position, the more you lose.  

By partnering with Humans Doing for your recruitment, you can protect your company from costly hiring mistakes.

Top Talent

Working for a company that values your contribution and invests in your success is the dream and we’re here to make it come true. 

Let Humans Doing connect you to companies that share your values, vibes, and goals so you can do more. Together.

“I was very surprised at how fast our roles moved. I was gearing up for a 3-4 month search and it only took 3-4 weeks. Incredible.”

Erick S., CTO
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