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Are You Overpaying For Recruiting?

Finally, a recruiting model that puts you first.

Our process is different. By using a subscription model, we are able to keep rates low, so you can keep more operating cash in the bank. And by bundling multiple open roles into one package, we fill roles faster than a traditional agency. 

It’s a win win. Here’s how we help.

Recruiting as a Service ™ Subscription
Recruiting as a Service™ is an annual subscription service that saves you time & money by bundling multiple roles into one streamlined package with a budget friendly payment structure.
Recruiting as a Service ™ Subscription
Contract & Contract-to-Hire
Tap into our Contract and Contract-to-Hire candidates that are ready to activate at the speed of your business.
Contract & Contract-to-Hire
Contingency Recruiting
Fast and accurate sourcing, screening, and submission of quality candidates for your open roles.
Contingency Recruiting

When it comes to recruiting for retention and quality, there’s no comparison.

Recruiting as a Service™ Subscription Model
  • Budget friendly fixed pricing model
  • Positive impact on Employer Branding
  • Discounted retained searches for leadership & contractors
  • Builds collaboration & communication
  • Cancel anytime
Recruiting Model
  • Large & unpredictable fees due immediately
  • Must renegotiate recruiting contracts for each role
  • Standard contractor & leadership markups
  • No impact on Employer Branding
  • Less collaborative, more transactional