Recruitment can feel daunting. You deserve a partner that prioritizes your needs.

With over 200 years of combined national recruiting experience, the Humans Doing team understands how to find and attract the top talent that companies need to grow while helping connect candidates with the career opportunities where they’ll thrive. 

Leveraging our expertise and really listening to what our clients need, Humans Doing developed a new unique process we call Recruiting as a Service™. 

Meet the team that's dedicated to helping you make great hiring & career decisions!

Meet Josh.
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
With over 26 years of recruiting and team-building experience, Josh has worked with startups, SMBs, and large companies to determine hiring needs, develop out recruiting strategies and processes, and connect top talent to fuel growth.
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Josh McAfee
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
Meet Maurice.
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
With over 20 years in successive recruiting and recruiting leadership roles, Maurice’s strength is building highly effective recruiting teams. He has individually recruited and trained recruiters in effective techniques and strategies, coaching and mentoring many into top industry talent.
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Maurice Morgan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
"Humans Doing’s RaaS will save you money, time, workload and burdensome hassles overall. It’s a simple, cost effective way to grow your team while you focus on being strategic. Become partners with your recruiters, build that relationship, and they’ll bring the best candidates to you."
Mark A., COO
“Humans Doing took the time to meet up to discuss and truly understand what I was looking for in my next position, and I really appreciate the difference. They provided some valuable insights in to the industry, as well as pointers for the interviews they scheduled for me."
Adam Y., Software Developer
"There were some extremely high expectations going into this recruiting project. However, Humans Doing did an extraordinary job of educating, developing realistic goals, and communicating. I look forward to working with them again."
John J., Talent Acquisition
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