Recruitment can feel daunting. You deserve a partner that prioritizes your needs.

With over 200 years of combined national recruiting experience, the Humans Doing team understands how to find and attract the top talent that companies need to grow while helping connect candidates with the career opportunities where they’ll thrive. 

Leveraging our expertise and really listening to what our clients need, Humans Doing developed a new unique process we call Recruiting as a Service™. 

Meet the team that's dedicated to helping you make great hiring & career decisions!

Meet Josh.
Co- Founder & Managing Partner
With over 26 years of recruiting and team-building experience, Josh has worked with startups, SMBs, and large companies to determine hiring needs, develop out recruiting strategies and processes, and connect top talent to fuel growth.
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Josh McAfee
Co- Founder & Managing Partner

Josh McAfee has an extensive background in investing in and helping high growth tech companies hire and keep great people. He’s also well known for helping tech talent make great career decisions.

With over 26 years of recruiting and team-building experience, he’s worked with startups, SMBs, and large companies in determining hiring needs, developing out their recruiting strategies and processes, and connecting the best talent to fuel their growth. Prior to Humans Doing, Josh founded, built Velossent, a tech recruiting company, and has helped place well over 1500 people in tech companies nationwide.   He’s also walked with countless people through career growth and transition. He’s recently finished writing a book on effectively managing your career through transition and job search best practices, and building out, with a focus on helping companies and individuals successfully navigate tough transitions.

Josh also has a passion for giving back and serving where called. He’s led and served on several humanitarian and mission trips to Africa providing sustainable clean drinking water supplies, working with orphanages, and life and business training. To Croatia to teach high school and college kids entrepreneurial skills, to Haiti for relief efforts after the big earthquake in 2010 and domestically after natural disasters in Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama. He’s also led and served with amazing and impactful organizations like Atlanta’s High Tech Ministries, The Georgia Aquarium, Jars of Clay, 7 Bridges to Recovery and Northpoint Community Church.

Meet Maurice.
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
With over 20 years in successive recruiting and recruiting leadership roles, Maurice’s strength is building highly effective recruiting teams. He has individually recruited and trained recruiters in effective techniques and strategies, coaching and mentoring many into top industry talent.
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Maurice Morgan
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Maurice Morgan possesses 20+ years in successive recruiting and recruiting leadership roles including Talent Acquisition Specialist, Director of Corporate Talent Acquisition, Executive Vice President of Talent & Delivery, and Owner of a world-class recruiting firm. In addition, Maurice has headed numerous IT, Corporate, and Sales Recruiting teams both locally and nationally, and equally directed Executive Search for various Atlanta based organizations.

Maurice’s strength remains in building highly effective recruiting teams. He has individually recruited, as well as trained recruiters on effective recruiting techniques and strategies, coaching and mentoring many into top industry talent.

Early in his career and prior to leadership, Maurice began his recruiting journey at the 5th largest engineering staffing firm in the nation. There he would obtain numerous awards and recognition company-wide, eventually being named the Top Recruiter on the East Coast, and top 5 in the organization. Maurice’s entire career has involved successive Talent Acquisition roles and leadership.

Throughout his 20+ year career Maurice has consistently successfully navigated the competitive recruiting landscape. His expertise is ensuring corporate success by strategic attainment and placement of top tier talent respective to an organization’s industry.

Maurice is a graduate of The University of West Georgia possessing both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree of Psychology, Certified Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt, and Talent Acquisition Strategist Certification from HCI (Human Capital Institute).

"Humans Doing’s RaaS will save you money, time, workload and burdensome hassles overall. It’s a simple, cost effective way to grow your team while you focus on being strategic. Become partners with your recruiters, build that relationship, and they’ll bring the best candidates to you."
Mark A., COO
“Humans Doing took the time to meet up to discuss and truly understand what I was looking for in my next position, and I really appreciate the difference. They provided some valuable insights in to the industry, as well as pointers for the interviews they scheduled for me."
Adam Y., Software Developer
"There were some extremely high expectations going into this recruiting project. However, Humans Doing did an extraordinary job of educating, developing realistic goals, and communicating. I look forward to working with them again."
John J., Talent Acquisition
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