Ok, it's a little about us...

But it’s also about our clients, candidates, and community. 

Our mission is help people make great hiring and career decisions.

With that goal in mind, we work hard to fully understand the unique mix of skills, needs, objectives, and potential of clients and job seekers to ensure that we match talented candidates with the right company. 

We know that when we work hard to put the right talent at the right companies where they both benefit, great things happen. The best way for us to grow our company and succeed is by focusing on helping others.

“I was surprised at the speed of these first two roles and wondered if we had just gotten lucky. Yet, the success seems to be repeatable with Humans Doing because they keep doing it.”

Erick S., CTO

"Humans Doing is an amazing recruitment agency that has helped me in the past find really fantastic people. If anyone can help you find what you need, it's them.”

Eli G., Sr Vice President
"Humans Doing’s Recruiting as a Service™ will save you money, time, workload and burdensome hassles overall. It’s a simple, cost effective way to grow your team while you focus on being strategic. Become partners with your recruiters, build that relationship, and they’ll bring the best candidates to you."
Mark A., COO
"The Humans Doing process was more consultative, and less transactional... like they were a part of our team. There was more attention to detail and a sense of urgency because it wasn't success-based, it was more like an extension of our company."
Phillip N., CEO
"Humans Doing was an empowering resource during my recent career transition. They significantly expedited my search by putting me in touch with exciting, growth-oriented organizations -- exactly what I was looking for. They exemplifies "the recruiter who cares"
Annette M., Account Manager
"Humans Doing did a great job at finding me a position I am really happy with at a great company. Not only was the process really quick and painless, they're easy to talk to, and it was clear that they cared about finding me a job that aligned with my career goals. I will be recommending them to my friends."
Rush M., Software Engineer
"There were some extremely high expectations going into this recruiting project. However, Humans Doing did an extraordinary job of education, developing realistic goals, and communication. I look forward to working with them again."
John J., Talent Acquisition
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