Case Study: Its Like Netflix for Recruiting

What is six months of your time worth? 

That’s how long Mark Amick, COO at BCM One, had been on the hunt for a crucial engineering role. That was six months of juggling his own job with additional duties all while combing through countless resumes. Indeed and the other usual channels weren’t working like he’d hoped. 

After all those long months, Mark was no closer to finding any qualified candidates to consider for the vital position. Finally, he decided enough was enough. He needed to refocus his own efforts to be more strategic and support the continued rapid growth of the company. 

Tech Start up Growing Company Business Global Telecom Recruiting Recruiter Hiring Executive SearchBCM One is a telecommunications company that has quickly expanded to over 300 employees in eight locations worldwide. They’d successfully grown their available services by acquiring smaller organizations. These entrepreneurial businesses brought with them expertise in networks and communications, but they lacked staff which means that leaders and employees must fill multiple roles for things to run smoothly. 

Unfortunately, none of the organizations they’d merged were large enough to have their own human resources or recruiting staff needed for the now larger company. That left those functions to be distributed elsewhere, which is how Mark and departmental managers came to be saddled with those duties. 

Continued growth meant they needed a continuous influx of highly qualified candidates. Strained managers didn’t have the additional bandwidth to properly source and vet new applicants. Mark knew he needed to find outside help, but he didn’t want a generic recruiter that would just puke up a pile of useless resumes.

BCM One needed a cost effective solution that consistently brought top talent to rapidly fill roles without being a drain on their time and people. 

Thankfully a member of Mark’s team knew Josh McAfee at Humans Doing.

Josh and his team introduced them to Recruiting as a Service™ (RaaS), a unique subscription model offered by Humans Doing that makes the recruiting process simpler and more affordable. Instead of the typical one off recruiting process, Recruiting as a Service™ gives companies the ability to turn traditionally large, painful, unpredictable, frustrating and lumpy recruiting fees into a simple, fixed, reasonable monthly expense that leaders and investors appreciate.

Now when a manager wants to fill a position, they can directly contact the team at Humans Doing. They don’t have to worry about getting approval or budget blowing fees. No more bothering Mark with recruiting distractions.

Recruiting Sourcing Talent Recruiter Resumes Job Posting A Recruiting as a Service™ agreement means a set, reasonable expense, no moving targets or surprise hits to the budget. Rising salaries have meant rising recruiting costs. It’s been an increasing hardship on companies that are already struggling to keep costs down and productivity up amid volatile employee resignation trends. With RaaS, subscribers enjoy the reliability of sensible rates that won’t change. 

“From an operating expense perspective, it makes budgeting and reporting so much easier. It’s a line item that’s easier to understand and plan for,” Mark describes “It’s like Netflix for recruiting. You don’t have to worry about paying again, just go ahead and watch the next movie.”

Growth brings with it more people and more potential for a clash of personalities. Humans Doing understands not only the job requirements, but also the unique company culture. That means BCM One knows candidates are highly qualified AND their personality will be a good fit, leading to higher employee retention and overall company profitability.

Skeptical of the Recruiting as a Service™ model? Mark advises you to consider what growth means for your company. 

  • Do you want to focus on building a business or sifting through resumes? 
  • What will you be able to accomplish once recruiting is something you can entrust to a team that really understands your industry and your unique company culture? 
  • How much time and money will be saved when you have a partner in place that empowers your managers to call Humans Doing when they need to? 

Hiring Employee Talent Search Recruiting HR Resumes Job PostingMark says signing up initially can be daunting, but RaaS will save you a lot of money, workload, and paperwork overall. It’s a simple, cost effective way to grow your team while you focus on being strategic. Become partners with your recruiters, build that relationship, and they’ll bring the best candidates to you. Renewing (multiple times now) has been a very easy decision for Mark.

As BCM One continues to grow and will rely on Humans Doing’s Recruiting as a Service™ model to ensure a reliable supply of the talent they need.

It’s easy to find a recruiter. It’s much harder to find a team that thoroughly understands your industry, provides frequent communication, can find and attract the best talent, operates with a sense of urgency, and a personal touch.

Want to know what Recruiting as a Service™ can do for your company’s growth?
Let’s schedule 15 minutes to talk. 

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Humans Doing is an expert team of highly skilled recruiters specializing in filling critical tech and leadership positions for growing companies. Our greatest measure of success is the success of our clients and the candidates we place with them. We help people make great hiring and career decisions. Our team is ready to partner with you to find the right people for the right roles.

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