Letter from the CEO

January 3, 2024    Last year was full of change, highs and lows, and many lessons learned. I moved into the role of CEO at Humans Doing, learned how to be a first-time father, navigated new hires, and welcomed new clients. As we begin a new year, I am filled with immense gratitude for my […]

Bridgette Boucha –The Soulful Financial Maestro

Bridgette Boucha: A leader who exemplifies the harmony of professional acumen with a zest for life, showing that balancing finance and fun isn’t just possible – it’s essential for a fulfilling career and life. From Corporate to Creative Entrepreneurship Bridgette Boucha’s professional journey is a narrative of transformation and clarity. Her 20-year tenure in the […]

8 Things That Can Cause You To Hire The Wrong Person

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What defines a good vs. bad hire? While the title of this article might sound a little funny, every leader who’s built teams has had this experience and paid the price for it.  Many of us have also had the experience of joining the wrong company or team.  These situations are painful at best and […]

4 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

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Many of us want to feel like our work is more than a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong. Paying the bills is an important benefit of having a job, but if that’s all it’s doing for you, it probably isn’t sparking your passion or furthering your career. Eventually it can start to be a bit […]

It’s not a labor shortage…

Now Hiring Labor Shortage Job Candidates

By Josh McAfee   For the past year, every day, all day, I hear company leaders, social media talking heads, and news outlets talking about the “labor shortage.” I believe they are coming at it from the wrong angle.    There’s a hidden opportunity when we start thinking about hiring as a competition versus just […]