Pizzas Are Better Than Sticks

Picture of a person's hand picking up a slice of pizza.

Culture plays a significant role in the success of businesses and teams. 

Building strong relationships and fostering a positive team culture can lead to increased productivity, better communication, and a more enjoyable work environment. Taking time to socialize outside of work, whether it’s grabbing a pizza or participating in team-building activities, can help to build trust, rapport, and communication among team members. Showing appreciation for one another can also go a long way in creating a positive work culture. Rather than focusing on criticism and negativity, emphasizing appreciation and recognition can motivate team members and improve morale. Overall, investing in a positive team culture can have a significant impact on the success of businesses and the personal success of individuals on the team.

You know, for the cost of a couple of $6 drinks or a $20 pizza you can add an incredible amount of value and reinvigorate, not just yourself, but your team. It’s an opportunity to get honed in and share perspectives, impact of efforts, and renew appreciation for each other as well. 

I have found genuine appreciation gets you a lot further than beating each other over the head with a stick. It also demonstrates in us a character that is more attractive that people want to work hard and succeed for. 

Josh McAfee is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Humans Doing. With over 26 years of recruiting and team-building experience, Josh has worked with startups, SMBs, and large companies to determine hiring needs, develop our recruiting strategies and processes, and connect top talent to fuel growth. In 2021, he became a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author with his book Measure Up: Mastering Your Career Search Like a Boss.

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