Trailblazing a Different Approach to Recruiting

We get asked regularly about our RaaS (Recruiting as a Service) model and what problem it’s solving. Maurice, Hailey, and I thought it’d be a good idea to share a little about this in our newsletter. #onlyslightlyshamless

A few years ago, I asked a group of ATL Tech leaders what they didn’t like about working with external recruiters (I used a little more blunt language), there were a few things that came up consistently. From a cost perspective, the answers were typically it costs too much, it’s lumpy, and it is often an unexpected expense. We also found that they felt it often takes too long, recruiters don’t truly understand their needs and it feels like there can be a conflict of interest with the “commission” for the placement being attached to the salary of the hire.

We wanted to provide an option that allows providing a higher level of service that’s more aligned with what top companies can provide with bigger budgets, economies of scale, and their internal recruiting teams. Because of our unique model, we’re able to provide a very consistent and predictable pricing model that allows us to truly be a partner to our clients with a measurable impact on employer branding, quality of hires, speed to hire, and employee retention. We’re so thankful to the companies and leaders who trusted us in the early days of working on this model that helped us hone this into an offering that’s very compelling and puts a smile on even the most skeptical hiring managers, leaders, finance, investors, and candidates alike.

While this model doesn’t work for every situation, there are many situations where it provides a better solution and value for hiring because we’re able to leverage economies of scale with our resources and costs across a large group of clients’ needs. We make sure our clients know all the options available and help them make a great decision not just on the candidates they chose and hire, but also on the model(s) that best meet their needs maximizing their investment in dollars, time, and the efforts of their teams and leaders. If you are hiring and want to make sure you aren’t overspending on your recruiting or investing too much of your team’s precious time and efforts, we’re happy to talk with you about this to make sure you at least know the options out there, what metrics help you determine the best recruiting levers to pull, and how to ensure your employer branding sentiment is increasing with every touch point with candidates you are engaging.