Who is Anik Khan?

Anik Khan is the Co-Founder and CEO of MaxRewards, a company aimed at helping credit card holders maximize their rewards. He has a background as a Business Strategy Consultant in the Life Sciences sector at Accenture. He earned his BSBA in Finance from Georgia Tech in 2013. 

Anik’s professional journey began with his work as a strategy consultant at Accenture, where he primarily served clients in life sciences. It was during this time that he was introduced to credit card rewards by his manager, leading him to optimize his card usage and accumulate over $16,000 in rewards over four years. This experience inspired him to found MaxRewards, with the aim of assisting the vast number of credit card holders in the US in unlocking the value of their cards. This past week MaxRewards won the Morgan Stanley Inclusive Ventures Lab Atlanta Pitch Competition!  (link)

In terms of leadership style, Anik emphasizes shared goals, encourages open debate within his team, and prioritizes decision-making without being paralyzed by indecision. He focuses on aligning the company’s culture with its values and mission, ensuring that the team acts consistently with these values. Anik also places importance on transparency with stakeholders, sharing company numbers openly to justify decisions and encourage input.

Outside of work, Anik prioritizes his personal fitness, aiming to work out consistently at the gym around 4-5 times a week. During weekends, he spends time with friends and family, explores new restaurants, goes on hikes, and enjoys watching shows or movies. Anik’s personal philosophy involves managing stress by recognizing privilege and purpose, alongside engaging in activities such as reading, socializing, and prioritizing sleep.

Anik Khan is a driven entrepreneur with a focus on optimizing credit card rewards, leading a company with a strong emphasis on transparency, collaboration, and innovation. His personal and professional experiences have shaped his leadership style and approach to business, with a commitment to making a positive impact and fostering a balanced lifestyle.