Letter from the CEO

January 3, 2024    Last year was full of change, highs and lows, and many lessons learned. I moved into the role of CEO at Humans Doing, learned how to be a first-time father, navigated new hires, and welcomed new clients. As we begin a new year, I am filled with immense gratitude for my […]

8 Things That Can Cause You To Hire The Wrong Person

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What defines a good vs. bad hire? While the title of this article might sound a little funny, every leader who’s built teams has had this experience and paid the price for it.  Many of us have also had the experience of joining the wrong company or team.  These situations are painful at best and […]

How to Upgrade Talent in a Down Market

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It was down. It was up. It was COVID. It was up again. It was down again. The market has been dizzying for the past couple of years. The good news is that signs point to it stabilizing. The bad news is that the roller coaster isn’t quite over yet and the ride isn’t going […]

When Conversations Get Hard

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In business, as in all other areas of life, communication is the key to success.  One of the hardest things about communication is saying those uncomfortable things that have to be said. We’ve all had those days where we needed to handle a large conversation that was big and scary. When we look at this […]

What Could You Do With 100 Extra Hours?

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Imagine you could wave a magic wand and have 100 extra hours to spend on your business. What would you do with that time?  How in the world is that possible? The cost of finding and hiring new employees goes beyond just the financial aspect. It involves a significant investment of time, effort, and resources […]

Spotlight on Connor Offutt

*Our Team at Business Unusual had the honor to sit down with Connor Offutt, CEO at AETOS Imaging Inc. and discuss his unique outlook on business, core values, and family.* I grew up as a missionary kid overseas in Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. I remember bringing my computer and lugging it a mile […]

Do Your Job Descriptions Match?

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If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. That seems like solid logic, right? On the surface, it makes sense to not go changing things that have been working. However, without revisiting and updating, anything can become stale and stop serving you. Especially outdated job descriptions. Job descriptions should be a living document. They should reflect […]

Pizzas Are Better Than Sticks

Picture of a person's hand picking up a slice of pizza.

Culture plays a significant role in the success of businesses and teams.  Building strong relationships and fostering a positive team culture can lead to increased productivity, better communication, and a more enjoyable work environment. Taking time to socialize outside of work, whether it’s grabbing a pizza or participating in team-building activities, can help to build […]

4 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

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Many of us want to feel like our work is more than a paycheck. Don’t get me wrong. Paying the bills is an important benefit of having a job, but if that’s all it’s doing for you, it probably isn’t sparking your passion or furthering your career. Eventually it can start to be a bit […]

Zero to IPO: 3 Things Every Successful Startup Knows

Jumping off a cliff and assembling an airplane fast enough to not smack into the ground. That’s how Alex Valdes of Trust Stamp describes launching a startup company. If things don’t go exactly right, they can go horribly wrong.    Alex joined Josh to discuss what it takes to do the extraordinary: Build a business […]