Bridgette Boucha –The Soulful Financial Maestro

Bridgette Boucha: A leader who exemplifies the harmony of professional acumen with a zest for life, showing that balancing finance and fun isn’t just possible – it’s essential for a fulfilling career and life.

From Corporate to Creative Entrepreneurship

Bridgette Boucha’s professional journey is a narrative of transformation and clarity. Her 20-year tenure in the corporate finance world, including 5 years as a CFO, was just the prelude to her entrepreneurial symphony. Reflecting on her career transition, Bridgette says, “I decided to flip my world upside down and rebuild my life the way I wanted it.” This bold move led to her current role as a fractional CFO and the birth of her book “Money Queen,” a financial guide for soulful business owners, reflecting her commitment to profitable business and a fuller life.

Leadership Style: Cultivating Growth and Celebrating Progress

Bridgette believes in a leadership style that nurtures growth, fosters communication, and incorporates fun. She is a firm believer that almost anything can be improved by asking, ‘How can we make this more fun?’ She emphasizes celebrating milestones to foster momentum, progress, and camaraderie.”

Strategic Vision: Balancing Immediate and Future Goals

Her strategic mantra, inspired by James Clear, is “Think long term, act short term.” Bridgette focuses on reverse-engineering long-term goals into achievable short-term actions. This approach ensures that the company is always prepared, even for events months ahead.

Cultivating a Culture of Financial Empathy

As a fractional CFO, Bridgette values creating a safe space for honest discussions about finances. Her goal is to elevate the financial literacy and the empowerment of her clients which aligns with the company’s values and mission. It is important to meet business owners at their level of financial understanding and help them grow from there.

Staying Ahead: Engaging with Entrepreneurial Minds

To keep her finger on the pulse of industry trends, Bridgette immerses herself in entrepreneurial communities. “In order to serve my people, I need to know what they’re building, how their minds work, and what they’re struggling with,” she explains. This practice keeps her strategies relevant and competitive.

Defining Success: Beyond Financial Metrics

For Bridgette, success involves more than just financial figures. It’s about understanding and impacting every decision’s financial implications. She uses a tailored approach with each client, focusing on key numbers and operational metrics to measure and celebrate progress.

Bridgette’s Personal World: Beyond the Numbers

A Life Rich in Experiences and Balance

Bridgette’s personal life is as vibrant as her professional one. She enjoys staying active, embracing nature, traveling, savoring good food and wine, and sharing laughter. She attributes her successful work-life balance to being a “calendar ninja,” asserting that boundaries are her superpower, enhancing all aspects of her life, including her business.

Travel and Independence: Key Influences/ A Defining Moment of Independence

A pivotal moment in Bridgette’s life was her first solo international travel in 2019, which she describes as an eye-opener to her own independence and adventurous spirit. This experience has deeply influenced her business philosophy, shaping a model that supports her global lifestyle.

Journaling: A Tool for Clarity and Balance

To manage stress and maintain work-life balance, Bridgette turns to journaling. This practice, solidified during a transformative trip to Costa Rica in 2021, helps her process her thoughts and emotions, proving vital in her well-being. She describes it as her “north star,” a means to process feelings and gain clarity.

Guided by Core Values

Bridgette’s core values – curiosity, adventure, connection, travel, and fun – guide her personal and professional decisions. She focuses on fostering meaningful conversations, emphasizing that while money is her expertise, people are her true treasure. She strives for depth in conversations, holding the belief that “money is my jam but my people are my gold.”